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A DDD approved agency that provides support coordination services for adult individuals

What is Support Coordination?

It is an agency qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide services that assist participants in gaining access to needed program(s) and/ or resources that best support the person the agency serves. The agency is responsible for helping to identify the person’s support needs and preferences in partnership with the person and their families, friends and/or other valued individuals.

What training and mentoring do your support coordinators receive to give them the knowledge and skills needed to help me or my family member obtain the supports and services needed to live the life I or he/she wants?

All support coordinators receive training on utilizing a person centered approach when meeting with you and your family. This approach ensures that you or your family member are  always at the center and in control of identifying the supports and outcomes needed and/or desired. Our support coordinators are continuously receiving training on:
  • Respecting families’ views and opinions and how to effectively obtain information from families
  • Appreciating and applying Culture Perspectives
  • Connecting individuals with their communities
  • Identifying and handling crisis situations
How would you describe the experience your support coordinators have working with indiviudals with disabilities?

All of the support coordinators available at All-Together have had professional and/or personal experiences with individuals with disabilities. Our support coordiantors have provided direct care to indiviudals with disabilities in treatment homes and healthcare settings. Some of our support coordinators have loved ones with disabilities.

How do your support coordinators monitor the quality of supports received and work with the person, family and providers to ensure that quality is achieved?

Our support coordinators are trained on the importance of follow-up supports. Your assigned support coordinator will reach out to you and your family regularly. They also visit your family member in various support program settings to ensure that services being rendered meet the standards/expectations set by you and your family. In addition, if you or your family member are not happy with a provider or service your support coordinator will assist in helping you find a better fit for your or your family member elsewhere.

How does your agency respond to issues/needs that occur after typical business hours?

At All Together our agency is available to you and your family 24/7, 365 days a week. If an urgent situation arises, you and your family member can always reach out to us and we will support you through the matter. In addition, your support coordinator will always provide follow up support to help you and your family develop a plan that will address those issues/needs and hopefully prevent a reoccuring emergent situation.

How Can I or My Family Member Receive Support Coordination?
  • Ensure you are Medicaid eligible
  • Ensure you are DDD eligible
  • Complete the NJCAT
  • Fill out an Agency Selection Form
If you have any other questions or would like more information please contact us via phone at 856-236-1128 or via email at info@alltogethersupports.com. You can also visit the information page.